Meridian is used extensively in many tourist attractions and tourism focused retail outlets. Its unique ability to handle retail sales, food and admission ticketing in a single unified system make it the system of choice.

Membership: The membership module allows the issuing of annual membership cards, these may have member photos electronically attached so that they can be viewed by the staff mamber when admitting. Renewal notices may be produced. The membership card can also double as a loyalty card entitling the member to receive special promotions or to collect points which can be spent during future visits.

Visitor demographics:
Visitor nationality can be captured both for automated and cashier sales. This can then serve as a reporting criteria allowing you to quickly identify perfromance of marketing spend against visitor origin.

Self Service Kiosk:
Self service kiosks allow for the collection of tickets pre-booked via a website or for the purchase of tickets using a credit/debit card.

Pre-booked Tours:
The tour booking module allows you to accept group bookings, email confirmations and provides admission staff with a schedule of tours due. On arrival simple confirmation of numbers is all that is required. Payment can be by cash, credit/debit card or company voucher to be be billed to a credit approved account.

Web Bookings:
details of ticket purchases made via a website are automatically available at either automated kiosks or at point of sale meaning visitors simply present their booking reference.

Watch the Video to see Meridian in use.